Reduce Anxiety – Right now.

Ok, so the immediacy of the title means you probably aren’t going to read this bit, and why would you? you’re almost certainly really anxious. However I have dealt with anxiety for over 15 years and have amassed a few techniques to help reduce the feeling in the short term.


Take a deep breath and slowly release. Repeat this and focus on the breathing technique, closing your eyes may also help while you do this.


Anti Anxiety music can be found on sites like Youtube – try this. Close your eyes, focus on breathing and listen to the music. 


This is a result of mixed signals and misinformation, therefore the panic is being constructed in the mind and not in reality. The walls are not closing in, you’re not having a heart attack and you’re not losing your job. 


If you’re able to reach scenic places easily then do so, otherwise imagine serene images. Calm lakes, mountains, rippling waves etc. These techniques should be all done simultaneously. 


Positive things. Only positive things, the mind will be focused on the negative, its time for you to focus on the positive. Compliment yourself on small things, literally out loud. This should not be said in anger or to spite any negative thoughts. Staying calm is important. 

These are just a few of the key methods I use to relax and understand it is a construct of the mind. They are short term to reduce extremely anxious feelings. There are however some lifestyle changes you can employ to help reduce the frequency of these anxious feelings and attacks. Check out ‘Stay anxiety free’





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